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Spider Eyes – Omega Appliers!

New at Classy Chics! Spider Eyes Fatpack – Omega HUDs and System Tats

Great for Halloween, Costume Parties and Fantasy RP.

Marketplace Promotion: Click here!

Inworld Store: Click here!

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Classy Chics – 5 New Dress Packs!

Only 50L each.

Beautiful Retro conservative style dresses. Each with a texture HUD.

Sized for Maitreya Mesh Body.

Search by Newest first to get some wonderful deals! Classy Chics Marketplace Store

Classy Chics Inworld Store

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Halloween Costumes – Promo!


Wonder Woman Maitreya Applier HUDs – Only 25L

Classy Chics Maitreya Costumes – More than 50% off. Online and Inworld Promo!

Check – Marketplace Classy Chics Store 

Inworld Store – Classy Chics Store

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The Wash – Cart Sale

10th Anniversary Cart Sale Oct 2017 PosterCome on down and check out all the wonderful deals.

Where is The Wash? Click here

Who is participating? Click here

Check back over the next few weeks for more posts!

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New 10L Mesh Tops @ Classy Chics Maitreya.

Classy Chics


Come and grab this latest deal on exclusive mesh tops created for the Maitreya Mesh body! ONLY 10L each!!!

Also check out Classy Chics 3 new Gacha machines located at The Wash events and at their mainstore inworld!

The Wash 10th Anniversary event!

Gacha’s @ Classy Chics Maitreya!

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Gacha’s @ Classy Chics Maitreya!

New to Classy Chics – Maitreya


Gacha Machines at only 25L a pull. Come on over, take a look and try your luck!

Inworld Store



These Gacha’s are for Maitreya Only!

Good luck. 🙂

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This Rounds Hidden Treasure!

This rounds hidden treasure is……………drumroll please

Simply Shelby Sleepy Bear!

You have to try and find it…………. There are lots of interesting things on this cart as well.

All are only 10L each!


It looks soooooo real!


The box up close.


Happy hunting for the sleeping bear.

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1 Hundred

This cart is an eye catcher. Pretty in pink! Located: Teleport Here


Right at the landing spot you will find a cart with some of my favorites.

All the outfits fit me perfectly and look great!


Meet my horse avatar. She is a Teegle Bento Horse and can be ridden.

Marketplace Link: Teegle Horse Bento

The comfy Jumpsuit I have on comes in 6 colors.

Pink, Purple, Blue, Lime, Grey and Yellow.bloghundred


This is one of the Rompers. It comes in Pink and Blue. It has a beautiful neckline!


All items ONLY 10L


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The Caylee Top by TLB

The Little Bat has a nice top there with a HUD with many color choices.


I love having choices at the click of a button!


Location: TLB Cart


There are many other nice things on this cart so don’t forget to check it out!



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Dark Water Designs

I absolutely love this dress that I found on Dark Water Designs Cart!

Location: Teleport Here


There is another just like it in black!

As you can see, she has some swimsuits and some really nice mens clothing.

Again, ALL items are only 10L each. You just can’t beat the quality and price.

Such a festive cart as well!


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Classy Chics!

Classy Chics Maitreya Applier HUDs @ The Wash Cart Sale!

Located: HERE


Have a close up look at the merchandise! All items are only 10L each.


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We’re Baaaaack!

The summer edition of the Cart Sale is open at the Wash!

Dates: June 21st to July 5th
Where: The Wash
List of participating merchants/direct SLURLS: Here


The Cart Sale usually host about 80 stores on average. All items this round are ONLY 10L. The Wash hosts Cart Sales 4 times a year – (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).

Come and check out all the wonderful deals!!! I will posting on here some of my personal favorite deals, including at least one hidden treasure. It will be something “very special” I found that you won’t want to miss out on. Be sure to check back.

I already had a look around and there are sooo many good wonderful deals! So if you want to get started… go here! The Wash!


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Tres Blah Store – Kiki Dress

My Personal Favorite – Tres Blah – Kiki Dress

TrespicThe Kiki Dress is included in the April 2017 Luxe Box and is one of my favorite dresses.

This is my favorite texture as well. It comes with a HUD that has 3 print options and 8 solids as shown below.

Tres Blah - Luxe Box April 2017

Tres Blah is one of my Top 10 favorite stores as well. Not only are their clothes top of the line, but their gacha machines are to die for. Check out some of these keys

I dare you to enter that Gacha room!

Click here to visit Tres Blah Inworld.

Click here to find Tres Blah on Marktplace.

Click here to learn more about Luxe Box.

Written by: CrystalClearview Resident

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The Wash – Favorite Find 5

Baby Ghee

These are as cute as a button!


Baby Ghee Rosie Dresses – in Clouds, Flowers, Music and Tangerine All for 10L and sneakers with a HUD to match with each dress – Special 50L  Teleport here! 

Stop on by the Wash Spring Cart Sale and grab these great deals between March 29th and April 12th 2017

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The Wash – Favorite Find 4

Anachron – Vintage Paisley Belted Dresses


Vintage Paisley Belted Dresses in 6 colors. Sizes: Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Slink hours and 5 Standard sizes. All only 10L each! Teleport here!

Come and grab these dresses between March 29th and April 12th 2017

The Wash Spring Cart Sale!

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The Wash – Favorite Find 3

Mystic Dragon Design Cart

mysticdragondesignsAdley Flower

This cute little find can be found at the Mystic Dragon Cart: Teleport Here!

At only 10L, the Wash event runs between March 29th thru April 12th.

Go grab these wonderful deals while you can!


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The Wash – Favorite Find 2


Zombie Suicide Comfy Cardigan Purple – Teleport here!

This beautiful purple Cardigan is only 10L at The Wash 2017 Spring Cart Sale!

Sizes Standard Mesh 5 Sizes, Maitreya, Hourglass, TMP and Slink.

Classy Chics Leather Top and Panties Maitreya Applier HUD – Teleport here!

This wonderful Maitreya HUD comes with Leather Top and Panties with 5 colors and only 10L.

Luminesse Chaviva Bracelets – Teleport here!

The beautiful Bracelets are only 10L and will go with many of your outfits!

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The Wash Springtacious Cart Sale!


It’s time again!

The Wash Springtacious Cart Sale runs from March 29th 2017 thru  April 12th 2017!

Many Designers offering awesome deals for only 10L each and some have 1 special 50L item.

Teleport Here!

Read my other posts to see some of my favorite finds!


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The Wash – Favorite Finds! 1

Vicarious Youth – {V*Y} Phoebe Lounge Set – Cat’s Meow (Maitreya)


I love it! What a steal for ONLY 10L @ The Wash Spring Cart Sale!

The Wash Springtacious Cart Sale – March 29th 2017 thru  April 12th 2017

Everything on this cart is ONLY 10L.

Landmark: Vicarious Youth Cart


A little something for everyone in the family!

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